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CLEVELAND (WJW) – They are designed to help people find their missing belongings, but there are growing concerns over the safety of Bluetooth tracking devices.

In fact, a local woman claims someone used an Apple AirTag to track her. So, how do you know if you are being tracked? What can you do?

19-year-old Brooklyn McKnight of Tallmadge said she got a notification on her iPhone, “AirTag Detected Near You,” after shopping at a local mall back on Dec. 18.

Problem is, neither Brooklyn nor her friend owned one.

The notification said the AirTag had first been spotted with her two hours earlier. When she went into the ‘find my’ app, a map of the AirTags history showed the path Brooklyn had driven home.

Brooklyn was concerned after hearing reports that the tags can be used to track people unsuspectingly if slipped into a purse, jacket or a car.

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