WILLOUGHBY, Ohio (WJW)– It’s like something out of a movie, but investigators are determined to make sure a gang of criminals don’t get their Hollywood ending.

A group of about four to six criminals were caught on camera breaking into two locations in two different cities on the same night. 

“Typically, we don’t see hole cut through a roof and people scaling down inside so it took us back quite a bit,” said Det. Lt. John Begovic. “It’s like something out of a movie.”

The thieves were caught on surveillance cameras driving a white Dodge Caravan with Florida license plates at about 8 p.m. breaking into the Freedom Verizon Wireless located at 29313 Clemens Rd. in Westlake.

Westlake police said they pried open a door and stole up to $25,000 in cellphones and other equipment.

Then a couple of hours later, the same group is caught on camera using elaborate means to enter Mentor Electronics on Joseph Lloyd Parkway in Willoughby.

“Battery operated cuttings were used to cut a hole in the roof. Once the hole was cut, they scaled down into one of the office areas and they disabled the surveillance cameras, they disabled the alarm, and they also disabled the Wi-Fi server,” Begovic said.

After cutting through the corrugated roof and dropping into the building, the suspects are seen fanning out and stealing up to $200,000 in RAM components, microchips and processors.

Investigators said both crimes were clearly well planned and both locations specifically chosen for their remote locations in industrial areas.

“They don’t advertise, their name is not on the outside so we’re still trying to figure out how they did get this information, how exactly they pinpointed that business compared to all the other ones,” Begovic said.

If caught, the suspects face numerous charges including but not limited to breaking and entering, criminal tools and grand theft.