CLEVELAND (WJW) – Family members are pleading for answers after the disappearance of Cleveland EMT Lachelle Jordan.

“Our daughter needs to come home. We want her home and we want her well. I don’t think that’s too much to ask,” said Joseph Jordan, Lachelle’s father, during a press conference Thursday afternoon.

Standing in front of Cleveland’s fifth district police station, Lachelle’s father, brother and the father of the oldest of her two children made a passionate public plea.

The family is asking anyone with information to come forward.

“There is no way I’m going to rest and let Lachelle become a nobody,” her father said. “Somebody knows what happened and I need that somebody, whoever you are, wherever you are, I need to reach out to law enforcement.”

“My message is to those who know something about my sister’s disappearance, you too can change. You can make a decision, regardless of what has happened in the past, to do the right thing,” said Lachelle’s brother, William Jordan.

This comes the day after family and community members gathered for a vigil on Fairport Avenue.

According to investigators, Lachelle, 30, went to grab something from her car around 6 p.m. Saturday and hasn’t been seen since.

Her twin sister reported her missing the next day.

She was supposed to appear as a key witness at a Monday pre-trial for 65-year old Michael Stennett, who faces charges in a August 2021 rape case.

“Part of what Lachelle was concerned about was Mr. Stennett and she had filed a restraining order and Mr. Stennett had violated that restraining order at both her home and her job,” said her father.

Accused of stalking Lachelle for months, Stennett was arrested on a warrant. He’s now being held in jail on a $100,000 bond.

Although investigators towed away three of his cars, investigators aren’t connecting Stennett to her disappearance right now.

According to Lachelle’s father, many of her EMS coworkers spent the day canvassing the area around 93rd and Kinsman, handing out flyers and trying to find any information they could.

Crimestoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information that brings Lachelle home to her family.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Cleveland police at 216-621-1234.

Lachelle’s father says their family has strong faith and says his daughter always wanted to serve.

“For years, she worked with me, my wife and my other children as we supported Mayor Jackson’s holiday food bank,” said the missing woman’s father.

Lachelle has an 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter, and Joseph says they have not yet explained to them what the rest of the family is agonizing over.

“Their first question is going to be ‘When is mom coming home?’… I don’t have an answer for that and unless I absolutely have to, I will not share it with them until I do,” he said.

Lachelle’s father went on to thank law enforcement and media for support during the search for his daughter.

“What Lachelle needs more than anything else is for somebody to step forward,” her father said.

FOX 8 reached out to Cleveland police and they say right now there is no updated information to report.