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SOLON, Ohio (WJW) – Solon paramedics helped a local mom deliver her baby girl on the side
of a busy highway on New Year’s Day.

It started with a frantic 911 call to Chagrin Valley Dispatch around 5:04 a.m. The caller was a Bedford man who had pulled over on US 422 near the Orange Village line when his sister went into labor.

Solon Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene.

“They got out to assess mom. It didn’t look like she was having the baby at that point. She was having contractions, but they did not see the baby,” said Chief Mark Vedder.

Vedder said firefighters decided to move the mom onto an ambulance cot.

“As they did that, the baby’s head popped out. So they prepared to deliver her right there on the freeway.  The next contraction, the baby was out,” said Vedder.

Paramedics say the whole thing happened within three minutes. Both the baby and mom were taken to Hillcrest Hospital where the mom named her little girl Summer Leigh.

Chief Vedder applauded the woman’s brother for keeping his cool. He also commended his paramedics on a job well done.

“We like to help people. That’s what we do. But often it’s a tragedy or a car accident or someone has fallen and been injured. It’s so nice to be involved in a case where we got to bring a new baby into the world and into 2022. Welcome baby Summer into 2022,” said Vedder.