BATH, Ohio (WJW) – Miniature therapy horse Willie Nelson, known for visiting hospitalized children, is at the center of a social media push to team up with his famous country music namesake.

The idea is now gaining traction thanks to a video posted by Akron Children’s Hospital. In the video Sue Miller, co-founder of Victory Gallop, a non-profit in Bath, requests the two Nelson’s work together to help make a difference for children in the hospital.

“We thought Willie Nelson when you come out to Blossom this summer you might like an opportunity to join this Willie Nelson as he makes his visits to Akron Children’s Hospital and add a little cheer to the children that we greet when we’re there at the hospital,” said Miller.

The legendary singer will perform in July at the Blossom Music Center. Miller said the two have a lot in common and would put on an unforgettable show in the pediatric hospital rooms.

Miller’s Nelson was already named when he arrived at Victory Gallop from Colorado. Although the two don’t look anything alike, Miller said their generous spirit is the same.

“Everybody knows the Willie Nelson is a very kind person,” she said. “He does a lot for horses, he’s a big lover of animals…he really believes in helping children. We thought how cool would it be for the real Willie Nelson, who is a real horse advocate. .. to meet this Willie Nelson and maybe spend a few moments at the hospital meeting kids.”

Miller said she has not heard from the singer and is not sure if he knows about her request.

“You walk in that room and their faces light up and you know when the kids are in there,” she said. “They’re not feeling well. They’re going through a lot of treatments. Their day-to-day routine is not a pleasurable one but for those few moments the five to six minutes we might be in their room we’re talking about other things. It’s just really nice to be able to add a little cheer to someone’s day.”