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(WJW) — New year, new social media challenge.

For the past few days, a barrage of collages have littered social media pages everywhere as part of the “10 Year Challenge.” With the viral challenge, users post present-day photos of themselves with photos from ten years ago.

As with most viral challenges, some are asking if taking part is a security risk to personal information and accounts.

“I think being on Facebook is a risk in and of itself,” said Katie Starr, an information assurance analyst with Case Western Reserve University.

Starr said the 10 Year Challenge may actually be one of the most harmless challenges when it comes to privacy.

“There’s a possibility,” she said. “Anything that gives more info to advertisers or data miners that can relate your data back to someone, that’s a risk.”

She said other challenges where users give answers similar to those of security questions are more of a concern when it comes to different personal accounts and information.

Her advice? Only post information you’d be comfortable with your mom telling a stranger at the grocery store.

“I wouldn’t have her tell some random person in my neighborhood, ‘hey they’re going to be out for six weeks’,” she said.

If mom tells a stranger you just got a promotion? That’s fine and could even be a beneficial piece of information to share online, Starr said.

Starr also recommended keeping your social media accounts private to help keep your information to yourself. She said to be “stingy” with your account, too. If you have ‘friends’ you added after meeting them once, rethink whether you need to be their friend.

Even though your account may be private and you’re only friends with people you know, she said, “If you’re really excited about something, you could always call or text.”

Fox 8 has reached out to Facebook for comment.