CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo announced the birth of two new baby Amur tiger cubs on Friday.

The cubs were born on Nov. 6, 2023.

Here is the first look at mom, Zoya, and her little ones:

Credit: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Zoo officials say the first few days after birth are a critical time for bonding between mom and cubs. So, zoo visitors won’t be able to see the new cubs right away.

“While tigers are solitary animals, mother tigers typically raise their young for their first two years. Mom and cubs are expected to remain behind the scenes in their maternal den for the first few months before the cubs are old enough to begin exploring the outdoor habitats of Rosebrough Tiger Passage,” said zoo officials in a press release.

The zoo’s care teams will continue to observe the animals, but so far, they say, the team has noted several positive developmental behaviors including nursing and grooming.

Zoogoers can still visit the cubs’ dad, Hector, and learn more about Amur tigers at the Cleveland Zoo. CLICK HERE for more.