CLEVELAND (WJW) — Ready or not, here it comes.

A check of Ohio Department of Transportation’s cameras on Saturday showed the inevitable: winter making its return to the Buckeye State. 

This weekend, cold and snow chances have reached Northeast Ohio, with temps below average by 10-15 degrees.

For ODOT, getting ready to combat what comes with these snowy and icy conditions is done at least a month prior.

“Toward the middle of October, we did 150-point inspections because those plows are used to do projects during the summer months for other operations,” shared Amanda McFarland, a member of ODOT’s communications team. 

She also reminds folks how they can get ready for winter driving, as well.

“I highly suggest you get your car winter ready. Make sure you have a full tank of gas, get your window scraper in there, make sure your fluid is up to date,” said McFarland. 

There is some good news, as this weekend’s snow isn’t expected to stick.

“Right now, our pavement temps are well above freezing. It’s 40 to even 50 degrees so the chances of the snow falling sticking is probably going to be pretty rare,” explained McFarland.