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Do you or your partner snore?

One woman says the best solution for the thundering, echoing sound that can keep you awake night after night is to sleep in a separate room.

Daily Mail writer Elizabeth McKinstry says she has been married nearly 20 years. Her husband snores, so they have a ‘snore room.’ When they book hotels they get separate rooms, and they have an extra bedroom at home.

The British Sleep Council says one in six couples sleep apart, with most in separate rooms, due to snoring.

Those who made the decision to part ways at night say they feel far more refreshed in the morning, and they are even fighting less.

Some, however, question whether it could lead to a lack of intimacy within marriages.

McKinstry says, however, that she and her husband are used to their routine and it hasn’t affected their romance. She also says a good night’s sleep is worth sleeping separately.

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