CLEVELAND (WJW) – Parking throughout downtown Cleveland just got a whole lot smarter.

People can now pay for parking on their phone through the ParkMobile app.

Green signs indicate where there is mobile pay. Simply enter the zone number, the amount of time, your vehicle information, then pay on-the-go.

“It was super easy. I scanned it with the QR code and took it to the website. I put my license plate in and then hit pay,” said Alex Mokodean, a resident.

The app allows people to reserve parking in advance. You can also get alerts when your meter is about to expire.

People downtown say it’s about time.

“A lot of us don’t carry cash on us, or coins. This is definitely a cool thing to put into effect in our city,” said resident Juan Collado Diaz.

Eventually, the city plans to phase out around 2,500 coin-based parking meters.