CLEVELAND (WJW) – The City of Cleveland has finished installing 10 strategically placed radar signs across the city.

The radar signs are part of a pilot program to try and create safer streets.

The signs display the speed of passing vehicles in hopes of making the driver more aware and slow down if needed.

According to Mayor Justin Bibb, 18 more radars will be installed and rotated at different locations monthly, based on data collected and requests from police, city council members, and the public. Here is where those requests can be made.

Earlier this year, 5-year-old Apolina Asumani was hit and killed by a speeding driver on West 50th Street in Cleveland. Police said a 17-year-old driver fled the scene and was later arrested.

The incident sparked renewed demand for traffic calming measures. Residents in the neighborhood put up homemade signs and even installed their own speed bumps out of fear tragedy would strike again.

For the first month, the radar signs are located:  

  • West 85th – Madison to I-90  
  • Bosworth – Lorain to Bellaire  
  • Spring – West 11th to Broadview  
  • Storer Avenue – West 65th to West 44th  
  • E. 93rd – Cedar to Quincy  
  • E. 65th – Bessemer to Wren Ave  
  • East 116th – Buckeye to Dickens  
  • Miles Ave – E.131 to Lee  
  • Grovewood – East 156 to Marginal  
  • Green Road – Ridgehill to S Green 

The signs were purchased by the Cleveland Division of Police. In the coming months, 18 more will be purchased using discretionary funding from City Council.  

In addition to the radar signs, the city plans to install rubber speed bumps/tables. These removable bumps will be located at nine residential locations that have known and documented speeding issues. The installation of the rubber speed bumps is expected to take four to five weeks.