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CATALINA FOOTHILLS, Ariz. (WJW) — It’s enough to cause some to just move away from their home completely. Recently, a woman opened up her toilet to find a snake hanging out inside.

“I slammed the lid back down right away when I saw it,” Michelle Lespron told 12News this week.

The Arizona woman reportedly called animal removal company Rattlesnake Solutions to come and retrieve what turned out to be a coachwhip snake.

And it didn’t go quietly, it took multiple visits over two days to get the snake out. In a video posted by the company, the black snake did not look pleased to be taken away from its watery new home, lashing out at a worker.

While non-venomous, coachwhips will bite when cornered. They are extremely good at climbing but are not known for slithering into people’s bathrooms, Rattlesnake Solutions made clear.

As for Lespron, she admitted she’s avoided that bathroom for the last few weeks.