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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cyclists were forced to weave in and out of the new bike lane along Lake Avenue on Cleveland‘s west side Wednesday.

“The city of Cleveland and ODOT are repaving the road and adding bicycle lanes. There is still an issue of the parking signs being located where the bicycle lanes are. That is leading people to believe they can actually park in the bike lanes,” said Jacob VanSickle with Bike Cleveland.

According to VanSickle, the bike lanes along Lake Avenue were finished recently. However, the 60 minute and 30 minute parking signs were never removed.

“It creates a situation where motorists don’t expect cyclists to veer out into the roadway because there is a bikeway,” said VanSickle.

It’s a similar situation on Union Avenue on the city’s east side.

“This is an issue citywide of people parking in marked bike lanes,” said VanSickle.

So, who is responsible for removing the parking signs? Bike Cleveland said they contacted the city who told them that it is ODOT’s contractor’s duty to remove the parking hour signs.

“We understand the frustration that bikers have about people parking their cars in the new bike lanes,” said Isaac Hunt with ODOT.

According to Hunt, Lake Avenue is scheduled to be completed in mid-December.

“Those are bike lanes now and those signs will come down eventually. Hopefully in the next few weeks,” said Hunt.

Hunt said Union Avenue won’t be done until June 2022.

Meanwhile, Bike Cleveland is reminding drivers that in the city of Cleveland, under revised law, it is illegal to park or drive in a bike lane.

ODOT said it is up to the city to enforce the law after the signs are removed.