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PARMA, Ohio — A gun store owner spent the morning picking up broken glass after a group of men were caught on surveillance video breaking into his Parma store.

Police say the men used a stolen SUV from Berea in a smash-and-grab attempt around 4 a.m Tuesday morning, then tied a chain to the barred front door of the store On Target Firearms on State Road to break in. Once inside, the group can be seen busting through doors and smashing display glass trying to locate guns.

“I just couldn’t believe this is going on,” said Dan Jambor the owner of the gun store. “…No guns were taken, you know; I’m just really glad no guns were taken to harm anybody.”

Surveillance video shows one man take at least one magazine from the display case. Jambor says his guns are kept in a secure location the group was not able to access.

The recent wave of smash-and-grabs at gun stores has some owners taking additional steps to stay safe. A gun store manager in Mentor says in the past month at least two gun businesses have been the target of these type of break-ins.

Silverado Arms in Mentor installed nine concrete 4,400 pound barricades in the back and front of the store to prevent this wave of crime last week.

“It’s very sad we have to do this but it’s a sign of the times right now,” said Steven McKee, a manager at Silverado Arms. “Some people don’t think it’s that aesthetically pleasing but we’re going to do what we have to do to protect our business.”

McKee says stolen guns are likely being used by people who cannot legally own a firearm.

The SUV used in the Parma break-in was found on Ingleside Drive with part of the store’s front door still attached. Police are still looking for the men involved in this crime.