STRONGSVILLE, Ohio (WJW) – Thousands of Black Friday shoppers spent the day hunting for the best available deals at the South Park Mall.

“Puts you in a festive spirit, gets you going,” Aunt Sue Meehan said. “We only had a couple hours sleep. We were ready to roll at 5:30 a.m.”

For many, Black Friday is the starting point for Christmas shopping. Most stores inside the mall offer 30, 40, even 50% off on select items, but some shoppers weren’t too impressed with the sales.

“It’s not the same,” Brittany Tatum said. “The deals aren’t the same. I feel like more stuff is available online or the deals are better online.”

With Black Friday becoming more of a continued sales event, many shoppers feel the deals are a little watered down.

“It’s definitely much more tame than what we’ve seen in the past,” Scott Norman said. “But I do think there’s still some value to it. And it’s a good time taking the family out on the day after Thanksgiving.”

Shoppers will still spend billions of dollars this year, as they do each year, but for these shoppers, the most important spending is time with each other.

“It’s nice to get a day where you don’t have to worry about school, you don’t have to worry about practice,” Norman said. “You can kind of get out and go at your own pace and enjoy the day together.”

“Life is short, and this world right now is crazy, so you want to spend as much time as you want with your family,” Tatum said.

“As everybody knows, family comes and goes,” Sue Meehan said. “So you try to keep everything alive and do it as long as you can do it. Me, I’m always going to dress like this on Black Friday.”

“And if you find her upstairs in that Macy’s bed, I don’t know her,” Chrissy Meehan said.