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CLEVELAND, Ohio — It is a video that is shocking the internet: a teenager is beaten in front of a crowd people.

The graphic video shows a boy getting slammed to sleep over what’s being called a “Facebook Beef” in Cleveland.

Mustafa McWhorter, 17, of the west side, is that boy.

He and his mother, Joanne, sat down only with Fox 8 to talk about what happened in Tremont Pointe Sunday afternoon.

“I was walking, and the boy came out of nowhere and said, ‘We got words.’ He said he want to fight,” said McWhorter.

So, McWhorter agreed to fight.

A crowd gathered, and someone taped the incident on their cellphone.

“I just remembered we were fighting. Once I saw the video, it all came back to me. I guess he slammed me a couple times, and I hit my head on the ground,” said McWhorter.

McWhorter passed out.

But the graphic video clearly shows that the hits just keep coming.

“People told me not to watch it. But I don’t remember anything, so I had to watch it. So, when I watched it, I got really mad … mad for real!” said McWhorter.

Eventually, two adults managed to drag McWhorter away.

He was taken to the hospital, where he suffered head injuries, lacerations, bruises, and a broken nose.

“I still have a headache. But I am happy because my face–it is gonna get better. My teeth is all here; I am still happy about that,” said McWhorter.

“It was like I blacked out. All I was worried about was my son who was on the stretcher and he wasn’t responding,” said his mother, Joanne.

The management office at Tremont Pointe Apartments said they were aware of the incident, but had no comment.

“I saw him get jumped, and they kicked him, and he went unconscious. He was passed out for a minute.  It was sad; I was crying,” said Nia’asia Lewis, a witness.

The video shows a crowd of people watching, but not stopping it.

“There was at least two grownups, lots of kids, a whole lot of people standing around,” said Asiajonia Lewis, a witness.

Cleveland police are using the video to identify people involved.

“There were so many people around.  However, the story that I got was that there was guns around. But I felt that it should have been stopped,” said Joanne.

“If I could say something to him, I would say, ‘You did wrong man. You did wrong,” added McWhorter.

Cleveland police are investigating the incident as a felonious assault.

So far, no arrests have been made.