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LORAIN, Ohio — When you think of Halloween decorations, pumpkins probably come to mind.

But that wasn’t enough for Ricky Rodriguez. He wanted to do something more unique, so he built a pirate ship coming out of the side of his house.

‘It was my husband`s idea. He loves building ships, and so this year he created one from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4’ and it`s called the Queen Ann`s revenge,” said Marlene Rodriguez.

Ricky wasn’t able to do an interview so, FOX 8 talked with his wife, Marlene.

She said she wasn’t sure about the idea at first, but that all changed once the display started to come to life.

There’s a lot going on both in the driveway and on the side of the house.

You’ve got the ship, plus they’ve got a bar set-up with a skeleton serving drinks. There’s also a custom-made cannon.

The display took about two weeks to put together, and thankfully Ricky had his family to help him.

“It`s heavy work. It takes a lot of people to do it and he has his brothers and my husband who come and helps him and he`s appreciative of it, and we love coming to help,” said his sister-in-law Rebecca Campbell.

Ricky and Marlene live at the intersection of East 30th Street and Tacoma Avenue in Lorain. It’s normally pretty quiet, but now it gets a lot of visitors.

“All night long they come by. They love it. They appreciate that he`s doing this for the community, for their kids. Our kid is 18 years old, so yeah it`s not really for our kid, it`s for everybody,” said Marlene.