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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Painting downtown Cleveland in colors of what best depicts creativity, growth and innovation.

“Sherwin wants this project to be successful. Sherwin needs this project to be successful. This is our future.”

From a 36-story skyscraper, a 5-story parking garage and 2-story combined training/showroom pavilion, global paint corporation Sherwin Williams unveiling a virtual concept of the plan before the city’s joint committee, which will ultimately give a thumbs up or down to the concept.

Its headquarters to be located on what are now surface, privately-owned parking lots, just west of public square, bordered by W. 6t Street.

It would also include pedestrian sky-bridges, connecting the three properties.

“…a place where you can have retail, you could have restaurants, you could have a boutique hotel.”

City Councilman Kerry McCormack who represents the district where the $300 million project will sit, says the changes will also create a positive, ripple-effect throughout the warehouse district, an area hard it with shutdowns during the pandemic.

McCormack said, “Sherwin is doubling down, not only saying we’re staying in downtown Cleveland, but we’re keeping our entire footprint here. They’re not reducing their footprint.”

Sherwin Williams also planning to use private developers in building out this massive footprint…an overall boom to the regional economy.

“It says that they believe in our city and it also says it’s a great place to do business and grow jobs,” said councilman McCormack.

Once complete, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District could receive an estimated $4 million in additional annual revenue from Sherwin Williams.

The skyscraper, as proposed, would be the 4th tallest in Cleveland.

Still no word on when the first shovels will get in the ground to being the project.