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LANE COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — The drug problem in Kansas got a little too close to home for someone in Dighton, in western Kansas.

On Sunday, a Dighton resident found a folded one-dollar bill in their yard. When they opened it up, they found meth.

Someone found a folded dollar bill that had a white substance in it on a Dighton lawn. The substance tested positive for meth. (Photo courtesy Lane County Sheriff’s Office)

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office posted about the find on Facebook.

“Earlier this afternoon, a citizen contacted the on-duty Deputy to report that they had found a folded one-dollar bill in their yard. Upon unfolding it, a white substance spilled out,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

The post goes on to say that the bill was tested for drugs. It tested positive for methamphetamine but negative for fentanyl and opiates.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office says it is common for drug users and dealers to transport drugs in folded money or paper, and it can be “exceptionally hazardous” if the drug is fentanyl or something like it.

“It is important to remain vigilant about potential hazards in your surroundings,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

Some residents commented on the Facebook post.

One said, “Glad it was found by LEC and not a child!”

Another person said, “Too close. Thankfully the citizen called it in.”

But one person commented that the Sheriff’s Office post made no sense. He wanted to know who the dollar bill belonged to and how it got in the yard. Then he claimed that people cannot overdose from just touching or being near a drug.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to the man’s comment.

“The problem with any substance that is dangerous is that if it is not respected, it can hurt you,” the Sheriff’s Office wrote. “Skin does a very good job of not allowing bad stuff in, but that is not the only concern. People have a tendency to put their fingers in their mouths or rub their eyes, both of which will easily allow absorption of chemicals into your system. Kids are especially at risk for exposure to chemicals because they are completely unaware of the dangers that exist.”

As for who lost the dollar, the Sheriff’s Office said people lose things all the time, including money.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office said it posted the story for a couple of reasons.

“First, to make people aware that it had happened, so that if they do happen to find something similar, they will have the knowledge to respect it,” the Sheriff’s Office wrote. “Secondly, because word that it happened will definitely spread, so letting everyone know what it was ahead of time will stop any false rumors of it being something like fentanyl.”