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(WJW) – In 1953, England was a nation in transition.  

The then-25-year-old Queen Elizabeth II was just beginning her much earlier than expected reign. 

“That was a trial for her. Here she is, this 25-year-old woman meeting Winston Churchill every week,” said British Monarchy expert, Julie Koenig. 

Koenig, who has spent most of her life studying the monarchy, says two key traits set Queen Elizabeth apart.

First, the Queen’s ability to recognize what the country was looking for from the very start.

Second, the Queen’s willingness to adapt with the times. 

“Her relationship with the media, with her subjects… It was her ability to change. I think that is one of the biggest parts of her legacy,” said Koenig. 

With 70 years of service, Queen Elizabeth is Britain’s longest serving monarch. 

“She is truly such a part of our culture and I think having lived in the United States the last 25 years, it’s easy to see how countries might not understand that, but it’s all we have ever known,” said Koenig. 

Over those seven decades, the country experienced plenty of trials and tribulations. 

However, Koenig says one thing remained consistent: the nation’s admiration for their leader.

“She has always, any poll that the Britt’s do, for favorite Royal… It’s always the queen. It’s always more than 75%,” said Koenig. 

A new era has begun, but one thing is certain. The life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth will never be forgotten.

“She represents Britain. It’s not the same as the Beatles, but if you think about Britain, those are the two things you think about,” said Koenig.