EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – It is a mother’s worst nightmare.

“She isn’t breathing on her own, she has a tube breathing for her,” said Lexis Crowell of East Cleveland.

Both Lexis and her 11-month-old baby, Lotus Legaci Love Jones, are recovering in the hospital after an East Cleveland police chase ended with a crash into her car.

“I just remember talking to my daughter in the car, looking back at her. Then, I saw the white truck speeding down the street,” said Crowell.

The SUV was being pursued by East Cleveland Police back on Feb. 22. Lexis was stopped at a red light at UH Drive and Euclid Avenue.

“As soon as he got to the light, he turned left and right into me as fast as he was going,” said Crowell.

The SUV being driven by a 61-year-old man hit Lexis and another car stopped at the same light. The crash pushed Crowell’s car into a tree in the center island of the road.

“My head was pounding, blood was pouring out. I was just looking for my daughter,” said Crowell.

Lexis said Lotus was in her car seat in the back seat. However, the impact from the crash broke Lotus’s neck.

“She can’t walk, she can’t talk, she can’t move her arms or legs. She just responds to my voice, she looks around,” said Crowell.

Crowell is also recovering from her own injuries, which included internal bleeding and damaged intestines.

Baby Lotus will turn one next week.

Lexis will not be able to go back to work due to her injuries and full-time caregiving. Her family has set up a GoFundMe account.