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AKRON, Ohio – Due to severe weather Monday night, there are several road closures in the Akron area:

Revere Road just North of Bath Road

Shaw Road between Rolling Meadows and North Hametown Road

Valley View Road at the Cuyahoga County Line

Southern Road at Everett Road

Columbia Road at Riverview Road

Riverview Road at the Cuyahoga Falls border, heading North

Beware that although roads may be open, crews are working to clear debris and sweep streets so drivers are urged to use caution when driving through the county. Roads may also be slick.

Several roads are also being cleaned within the City of Akron:

The Valley -Riverview, Smith, Portage Path, Merriman, Cuyahoga St. (several days of work)

Cuyahoga Street from Sackett to Uhler (road closed)

Riverview Road at Smith Road (short term closure due to high water)

Bath Road East of Akron Peninsula (short term closure due to debris)

Letchworth is closed at Palisades due to large tree blocking road

Sand Run Parkway

Treaty Line Road at Merriman is closed (MetroParks doing work)

Waterloo Road

North St.

Weathervane Parking lot

Portage Trail

Cuyahoga St. (possible severe washouts that we may need a contractor to reopen)

Tree(s) removal at:

40” on Palisades (traffic and safety can get around)

Big Falls

Howard Street

Bath Road at Akron Peninsula

Possible Washouts are reported at:

Rocky Hollow in Merriman Woods (staff going out to assess)

Brooklands (staff going out to assess)

The Akron area was saturated with 3-4 inches of rain Monday night. In addition to the road closures there were also several power outages. 70 people reported having a flooded basement.

The Summit County Public Health’s Graham Road location will be closed indefinitely due to flooding. To contact the Summit County Public Health you are asked to call 330-375-2772.

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