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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found the US Attorney’s Office in Cleveland has filed new papers calling Isaac Woolley “a serious risk of flight and danger,” in a push to keep him in jail awaiting trial for an incident that shut down Cleveland Hopkins international Airport.

The night before Thanksgiving, investigators say Woolley carjacked a woman, then he drove through an airport security fence and onto a runway. Police say he, then, got out on foot, and Brook Park police arrested him while walking just outside the airport.

The I-Team revealed Woolley is also suspected of knocking out power to the airport’s main radar tower. It forced Hopkins to go to a back-up system.

Now, First Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Baeppler wrote Woolley actually carjacked two people that night.

Then, at the radar tower across from the Airport, Baeppler wrote, “Woolley pulled the wires from the gate operation box, rendering the gate inoperable. Woolley then made his way inside the protective fence, turned off a radar power source on the ground level, climbed eight flights of stairs, shut off a second power source, and pulled several wires from the radar, rendering it inoperable.”

The filing also says, after getting arrested, “Woolley stated that he is a veteran from overseas and wanted to make a statement for those who don’t have a voice in society.”

Police body camera video revealed by the I-Team showed Woolley also told officers that he was trying to get to his kids in Alabama.

In the court filing, the U.S. Attorney’s Office also addresses the risk of Woolley not following Court orders and disappearing without showing up for court hearings.

Investigators say, “Woolley voluntarily stated that he previously tried to go to Ukraine due to being ‘tight on money’ and he ‘figured he would go fight a war.’”

In a phone call after his arrest, the court filing quotes Woolley as saying:

“I was the one to sit here and make some noise for my kids, and I needed to make a splash, baby. I made a splash and now I think that everyone else can hear me.” And, “I did something extremely (expletive) stupid. I get that. I get I did something stupid. But you know what? I would do it over and over again because those kids deserve a damn voice.”

The feds say Woolley could face more than 10 years in prison.

As of late Monday, the court docket did not show a response from Woolley’s attorney or the next court date.