CLEVELAND (WJW) – He’s as popular as some of Cleveland most beloved athletes and a staple at every game since 1974, but now a serious injury has sidelined Les “The Beer Guy” Flake. 

“I was in my kitchen and I fell down,” said Flake. “So I went to my doctor and they said, ‘you ruptured your tendons in your knee.’”

He had to undergo extensive surgery at University Hospitals and now rehabilitation, which means he is sidelined for the Guardians season and unable to work until September.

That’s when his friends at the Jolly Scholar Pub at CWRU in Cleveland got an idea to launch a GoFundMe account.

“I didn’t want to do it at all, but he talked me into it,” said Flake.

Matt Vann, the owner, knew how much Cleveland fans love Flake and that they’d want to help out. Within hours of launching the account, people began responding.

The donations will help Less with medical and utility bills while he is sidelined and unable to work.

When asked by FOX 8’s Suzanne Stratford if he realized how much Cleveland loves, him he said with shock and amazement, “I had no, I had no idea.”

The humble beer slinger says he is overwhelmed with gratitude.

“This is, wow! There are good people in the world and this proves it,” he said.

He says it also proves once again that Cleveland fans are the best bar none and he can’t wait to be back on his feet in the stands soon — hopefully by September in time to see the Browns win, he says.

“I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart I am truly truly grateful,” he said.