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PARMA, Ohio (WJW) – Every week, men over the age of 60 come to James Day Park in Parma to play in the The Huff-N-Puffers senior softball league. But after the 3rd inning on Monday, 72-year-old Benny Sebastian’s life was nearly called out.

“They said I was gone for two minutes,” Sebastian said. “I had no heartbeat. No pulse. I was not breathing.”

After coming in from the outfield, Sebastian warmed up in the on-deck circle to bat. But when he bent over to lift his bat up, he passed out. He went into cardiac arrest, suffering a heart attack.

“I remember voices in the background in the ambulance and I remember waking up here in the ER,” Sebastian added.

Sebastian’s teammates saved his life. They performed CPR on him immediately. An AED defibrillator was on site. They shocked him once and brought him back. Those two actions saved his life.

“I feel fortunate. I do not believe in luck,” he said. “I feel fortunate. If I wanted to die, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Sebastian is set to have heart surgery later this week and is expected to make a full recovery.