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PARMA, Ohio (WJW) — The seniors of summer are back! The Huff and Puff League made up of seniors aged 60 and older will have a full season this year.

The coronavirus pandemic kept the league from starting play last May for the first time in 35 years. Instead of being together, the teams were spread out over several fields around Parma, but this year, the teams are all back at Day Field.

“We are not only back — we grew we are around 280 players I’d say, and we have some on a waiting list because we’re bigger than we’ve ever been! I believe this year people want to get out and play ball,” League President John Teron said.

League officials say 90 percent of the players are vaccinated against COVID-19 but they’re still spreading players out a bit.

The game of baseball is a lot slower and depending on the players’ abilities, you may find four or more in the outfield.  There are also two home plates — one for the batter and one for the runner.  
Additionally, there are times when someone else will do the running, like when a knee has a bit of creak in it that day. 

But the thing that’s still the same is the fun you have being out on a warm spring day under the sun.

“Well, the competitiveness is still here somewhat and that’s one of the things that draws people. And the other thing is the comradery — we play as friends as well as teams.” 79-year-old softball player Dave Shumway said.

If the pandemic has taught the players one thing, it’s the fact that being outside with your friends is something that you should never take for granted.