The colorful leaves and crisp fall nights of autumn in NE Ohio are glorious…  unless they’re overshadowed by the sense that senior parents are starting to struggle with housekeeping, transportation and such at home.

Which makes this a particularly good time to point out that, if you’re really thinking about finding a senior living community for a parent, you should really consider visiting the Campus of Anna Maria of Aurora.

Why? So many reasons:  the attention, and a senior lifestyle, that provides genuine peace of mind. And a much more sensible financial model.

Simply a better way to pay for senior care.

Anna Maria of Aurora does not require upfront investments, buyback models or any such “give it all up” financing model.

Anna Maria’s payment model is simple, fair and transparent. They believe residents should only pay for what they need, and “as you go.” So, families pay month-to-month with no long-term commitment; you will never have to pay for care you may never need.

Superb care, active lifestyle

Anna Maria of Aurora offers a full continuum of care, with settings to match should the needs of your loved one change. So, they can enjoy Independent Living on a lovely campus, and transition to Assisted Living without the need to move.

From full 2-bedroom apartments to right-sized studios, even to care in your own home, Anna Maria of Aurora is ready to help. Again, it is just common sense: meet people where they are, determine what services they need and then provide the best setting to satisfy those needs.

Without distant, corporate chain management, Anna Maria of Aurora can offer a Senior Living continuum of care that features fully Independent Living as well as Assisted Living… all more focused on the needs of your loved one. So, they can really enjoy every day, “age in place” happily, and thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

One family, one campus, one big advantage

The Norton family has owned and operated Anna Maria for three generations. One family at one campus, there every day, caring for – and accountable to – your family.

In fact, offering the best care possible has been that family’s goal for nearly 60 years. Creating a senior community that goes above and beyond. One that holds 5-star ratings from Medicare across the board. And it’s beautiful.

Anna Maria isn’t just an enterprise; it’s a family’s legacy. Bob Norton, Sr. founded the original Anna Maria nursing home back in 1964. He named the facility “Anna Maria of Aurora” after his aunt Anne and his mother Mary.

Bob passed on the business to his two sons, Rob and George. Today, the leadership team includes Rob and his two nephews, Aaron and Chris. Aaron’s wife is a Clinical Dietitian there, her sister is a Director of Nursing, and Chris’ sister works the front desk. 

This hands-on, family approach has been the key: providing the continuity that allows Anna Maria to retain staff (many of whom have been there for many years), while continuously improving and modernizing both facilities and care settings. 

A better way to live

We are not a senior living chain or part of a large corporation,” according to Aaron Baker. “People are our business – our residents, our families and our staff – and we strive to do right for every resident and every family, every day. Being kind and accountable, honest and helpful.

“We’ve never lost focus of what truly makes a great senior living community,” he observes. “It all begins with a great staff. Just one example: our Assisted Living Clinical Manager, Patricia Williams LPN, recently named as a ‘Top Nurse’ by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. She was nominated based on over 40 years of dedication to care and compassion.”

Growing up, your parents helped make your dreams come true. Now, if it’s your turn to help them realize their dream of a safe, comfortable lifestyle, you really should check out The Campus of Anna Maria of Aurora.  For more information, please click on, email or call (330) 562-0600.