EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WJW) — The East Palestine community remains in repair and one thing they didn’t want to see, happened again.

On Saturday, another Norfolk Southern train derailed in Ohio, this time in Clark County. It was a feeling of déjà vu for some dealing with a train derailment crisis of their own.

“It seems like a pattern. I mean, this train company needs to be held accountable,” said Frank Frantigrassi who’s from East Palestine.

Joseph Conkle says his family’s farm, on the edge of East Palestine, remains in a state of limbo. One of the many, to have more questions than answers.

“It’s tough, we don’t really know what to do. It’s kind of out of our hands,” explained Conkle.

A member of a local rock band, Conkle says he wanted to make a difference to help out his friends and family. So Conkle decided to help put together a donation drive the best way he could.

“We have 10 different bands, 20 musicians representing all of them. My brother and I are an acoustic team. We had a blues guy,” said Conkle

Over 100 people showed up to watch and his friends put on a show. 

Joseph’s mom, says the idea to help started with a phone call.

“When the train accident happened, my son called me and says mom, I don’t know what to do,” Paula Reagan shared. 

Helping the healing process and making mom proud, a darn good combination.

“He put this together so quickly, with so many peoples help in the community,” explained Regan.