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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found what you should know if you drive to downtown Cleveland this weekend to see the NFL Draft, or just be around the crowds and special events.

We investigated the prices you’ll pay to park.

A sign outside the city hall parking garage shows the normal price starts at $3.25. Now, a sign out front shows $25.

Down the block, outside another parking garage a sign shows $30.

We also saw prices upward of $40 for valet parking outside some hotels.

Fans we met told us they’re not surprised, but also not bothered.

One man told us he’d paid $25, and he said, “That’s reasonable.”

Hard to remember the last time we saw something like this downtown. Parking lot operators have suffered during the COVID-19 outbreak. Downtown’s been dead. Until now.

We spoke to Lou Frangos with The Frangos Group. His company leases land to parking lot operators.

Frangos said, “Special event rates. It’s supply and demand.”

He added, “The last year and a half has been devastating for the parking industry. No one’s been downtown. It’s nice to see things opening and downtown coming back.”

If you’re thinking maybe you’ll avoid the hassle and the cost of finding parking, maybe you’ll call one of the ride-sharing services. The drop off for that runs for several blocks along Lakeside. Not the front door, but a short walk from the main event.

But, spending a few extra bucks for parking is nothing when you consider what Maddie Beyer and her dad are spending.

They flew in from San Diego dropping a total of about $6,000 on their trip to see the draft. Maddie Beyer said, “I think it’s definitely worth it. I think it’s a one-in-a-lifetime experience. I think this class this year will be one of the best of all time.”

We found you could save a few bucks and still park downtown. But, you have to do some walking. If you park toward the other end of downtown and not near the lake, parking prices get cheaper.

Through it all though, the higher parking prices do not seem to be keeping fans away from NFL Draft events.