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PORT CLINTON, Ohio (WJW) – The annual baby boom at African Safari Wildlife Park has become a highly anticipated event for visitors and animal care staff alike. This year’s arrivals have not disappointed, with five new additions already making their debuts.

Four bison, three alpacas, and one llama have been born so far this April, and more are expected in the coming weeks. The park’s director, Kelsey Keller, reports that all of the moms and their babies are doing well and can be seen enjoying the park’s various attractions.

The Drive-Thru Safari is a popular spot for visitors to catch a glimpse of the new additions in action. Whether running around, nursing from their mothers, or taking a nap in the sun, the park’s newest residents are sure to delight animal lovers of all ages.

While bison and alpacas have already arrived, more additions are still to come. Elk and fallow deer are expected to arrive later this spring or early summer, adding to the park’s growing population.

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