MALIBU, Calif. (WJW) – An architect known for his innovative and unconventional designs is selling his longtime family home.

But, as you can imagine, this family home isn’t like any other house on the market.

Known as the “Sandcastle,” or “Malibu Sand House,” the six-bedroom, six-bathroom property sits right along the Pacific Ocean and is made almost entirely of reclaimed materials, according to a press release from

According to the release, architect Harry Gesner built the home for his fourth wife in 1961.

“The house was largely built with salvaged materials such as old telephone poles, maple from a high school gym, old-growth redwood harvested in the 1800s, and windows and doors from one of Hollywood’s silent film theaters,” said Gesner’s son, Gez Gesner in the release.

The home is listed at $22.5 million. You can find more details, here.