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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – The company Superpedestrian says LINK is the safest e-scooter in the business.

400 of them will be arriving in Cleveland next week.

Superpedestrian says these scooters are set apart by their safety and smart features.

For example, the scooter can’t start without safety checks.

They also have geofencing to keep riders from restricted zones.

The company says local employees will be maintaining the fleet regularly.

According to a press release from the company, each LINK scooter has five onboard computers that work together to monitor every internal component thousands of times per second and instantly self-repair or flag issues for maintenance.

The first 400 scooters will be deployed across the city with a focus on RTA connections and inter-neighborhood access.

Rides cost $1 to unlock the scooter, plus 32 cents per minute.

You can ride a scooter by downloading the LINK mobile app from your phone.

You’ll start seeing the rides around July 15.