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(WJW) — A bioscience and genetics company has announced plans to “de-extinct” the woolly mammoth to the Arctic tundra.

That company, Colossal, said in a press release it will support research to create an elephant-mammoth hybrid, genetically engineered with traits to help it survive in the Arctic.

The release states that restoring the woolly mammoth “has the potential to revitalize the Arctic grasslands, which has major climate change-combatting properties including carbon sequestering, methane suppression and light reflection.”

The company was founded to “rapidly advance the field of species de-extinction,” to “combat the effects of climate change through ecosystem restoration.”

The “rewilding” of extinct species will help “restore lost ecosystems that have the potential to help halt and even reverse the effects of climate change,” according to the release.

The company also plans to use its technology to help slow the extinction of current species.

“Never before has humanity been able to harness the power of this technology to rebuild ecosystems, heal our Earth and preserve its future through the repopulation of extinct animals,” said Ben Lamm, CEO and Co-Founder of Colossal. “In addition to bringing back ancient extinct species like the woolly mammoth, we will be able to leverage our technologies to help preserve critically endangered species that are on the verge of extinction and restore animals where humankind had a hand in their demise.”