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CLEVELAND– As crime scene investigators continue to look for evidence at Ariel Castro’s house at 2207 Seymour Avenue, a judge has extended the charging period in the case.

Two search warrants were issued at the home where three missing women were discovered Monday. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, who had all been missing for years, were found alive.

FOX 8’s Bill Sheil said one of the search warrants had to do with looking for evidence of “bodily fluids related to births.”

FBI agents have been searching the home all day. An SUV was taken away on a flatbed truck.

Police say search warrants for other locations are pending.

Meanwhile, the three suspects, Ariel Castro; Pedro Castro and Onil Castro have not yet been charged.

Tuesday night, police said that although the usual protocol between the Cleveland Division of Police and the Cleveland Municipal Court is that detectives file charges within 36 hours, Administrative Judge Ronald B. Adrine has extended the charging period in this case to 48 hours, which is within the federal mandate for charging time.

SkyFOX was flying over the house on Seymour as investigators looked for evidence.

Neighbors say they heard screams on a number of occasions and made reports but police never responded. They depict Castro as a movie character.

“He befriends you as a neighbor and builds your trust; then he snatches you up,” said Juan Perez, who lives across the street. “I’m angry we didn’t do more; I mean this isn’t a month or two; this is 10 years! We could have caught this guy a long time ago if we were a closer knit community.”

Neighbors said he kept his windows covered and he started parking in the back the past couple of years.

“Three years ago, one neighbor who lived in the towers (overlooking the backyard), called police and reported seeing naked women tied to a leash,” said Hector Lugo. “We want to know what was going on inside that house!”

Neighbors also say Ariel’s brothers were not here very often, maybe three times a month.

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(FOX 8’s Bill Sheil contributed to this report.)