CLEVELAND (WJW) — It’s that time of the year again when the Ohio Department of Transportation starts to gear up for the first round… of snow.

FOX 8 meteorologists are predicting Northeast Ohioans might see the first wintry mix of the season by early next week.

After the department used over 621,000 tons of salt and more than 13 million gallons of liquid de-icer statewide last year, most of the spring and summer was spent restocking the barns that are now 80-90% full ahead of winter.

The plows, which traveled over 7 million miles last winter, have been fully inspected and are ready to hit the roads when the flakes start to fall.

ODOT says their biggest need is people. They need about two dozen seasonal drivers so they are taking steps to bring in additional crews, including non-CDL drivers, according to ODOT Franklyn County Manager, Michael Taylor.

“We’re hiring highway maintenance workers, which is a non-CDL position. We’re bringing them on board and we train them and get their CDL,” Taylor said. “We can always shift garages and counties around if needed.”

In the past drivers needed a CDL to apply, but now ODOT is footing the bill to train and license applicants.