DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — One of the police officers who helped take down the Nashville private school shooting suspect is a University of Dayton graduate.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department officer Rex Engelbert studied criminal justice at the University of Dayton before moving to Tennessee with his significant other and becoming a police officer, according to our affiliate WGN.

Engelbert is thought of as someone who is quiet, hardworking and always ready to help his community.

“They heard gunfire and immediately ran to that,” Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Chief John Drake said.

Metro police said that Engelbert and fellow officer Michael Collazo rushed into the building, meeting the suspect on the second floor, where they opened fire and stopped the shooter, WGN stated.

Engelbert’s family said they are proud of all the first responders who rush into danger, and their hearts grieve for those who lost a loved one.

Nashville’s mayor said he believes that the actions of Engelbert and the other officers saved many lives.