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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – Saucy Brew Works announced Monday it supports the mission to rename the Cleveland Indians the Cleveland Municipals.

The team has previously announced that the franchise would get a new name.

“To celebrate this new era of Cleveland baseball, Saucy Brew Works will be brewing a second baseball-themed beer following the seasonal release of Stealing Signs. Municipals Munich-style Helles Lager will be released on April 5, 2021, in honor of the Home Opener,” the company wrote in a press release.

“Given the history and depth behind the Municipals name and the same for the rich Bavarian brewing traditions rooted in Cleveland, I think it’s fitting to pay respect to both by combining them in name and style,” said Eric Anderson, Chief Brewing Officer of Saucy Brew Works.

The Municipals name references old Municipal Stadium and Cleveland’s sports and cultural heritage they say in the press release, while embracing the spirit of the word “municipal,” which means “relating to a city or town.”

“In this way, the Munis honor the hometown loyalty Clevelanders are known for while making clear that our baseball team belongs to and represents all Clevelanders.”

They say, “The name celebrates our shared history, allowing long-time fans to rally behind something familiar while making sure the team’s future is more inclusive than its past.”