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CLEVELAND – 9 year-old Saniyah Nicholson was laid to rest on Saturday in a ceremony that was solemn at times, spiritual at others, and paid tribute to a little girl who deserved so much more out of life.

Saniyah was shot and killed just over a week ago while sitting in the back of her Mom’s car.

She was caught in the crossfire as two groups of younger people fired shots towards each other.

Six people are now in custody related to Saniyah’s death.

At her funeral at the Second Ebenezer Baptist Church, ministers spoke of one day “seeing her again” and that “God never allows a loss without a lesson.”

But as the little girl’s casket closed, the anguish her mother felt could be heard throughout the church.

Outside, three people held signs calling for the violence to end.

A short time later, Saniyah’s hearse passed closely by.

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