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CLEVELAND — The latest storm to hit northeast Ohio has wreaked havoc on local marinas. Turbulent waters tore apart docks in Edgewater, sinking an estimated 30 boats. At nearby Whiskey Island Marina, three power boats and four sail boats were under water while wind reduced some docks to scraps of wood.

John Medas, of North Royalton, was due to take his 34-foot power boat out of the water Monday afternoon, but stormy weather delayed its removal. Tuesday morning, he considered himself a lucky man; he arrived at the marina to see his boat upright amongst others that had broken free of their docks.  His remained tied to a scrap of wood but was no worse for the wear. 

“Just disbelief, I’ve been here for 14 years and there have been storms, but just nothing even approaching anything like this,” he told Fox 8’s Lorrie Taylor. “This is absolutely amazing.”

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Tom Buckel, Fleet Captain of the Boat Club at Edgewater, said several members of the yacht club pitched in to save his boat, but it was no use.

“We come down yesterday to try to tie it off and secure it and next thing we know all the ropes started breaking, she went down,” he said.  “Just a matter of hours, there was nothing you could do.”

Damage estimates won’t be available until the wind and rain subsides.

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