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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) – A Sandusky man was arrested twice in one day for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

According to police reports, the two arrests happened less than four hours from one another.

The first arrest took place at about 12:30 in the afternoon. According to police, they were called to Jaycee Park North, located on E. Osborne Street, for reports of an intoxicated man with a child.

(Courtesy: Erie County Jail)

When police arrived, they say, they spotted 38-year-old Tyson Conway backing out of a parking spot with a woman and child in the vehicle. Police made contact with Conway and say they noticed he had bloodshot, glassy eyes, and said there was an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.

When police say they asked Conway how much he had to drink, he allegedly told them about 5 shots.

After conducting a field sobriety test, Conway was placed under arrest for OVI and endangering children.

Conway was taken to the Sandusky Police Department where, police said, he agreed to provide a breath sample that came back more than twice the legal limit.

Police say Conway was told his license was now suspended. He was then released to a sober party.

Less than four hours later, police were called to an apartment in the 1800 block of Remington Avenue. At the scene, Conway was accused of attempting to take his child and was allegedly still intoxicated.

Police say they caught up with Conway on Meigs Street, about 2 miles from the apartment on Remington Avenue.

Police said, Conway’s eyes still appeared glassy and bloodshot. They also noted Conway allegedly swayed from side to side while standing still and said they could smell an odor of alcohol.

Conway was then arrested a second time for driving under the influence of alcohol. He, again, agreed to a breath sample, that police said still tested above the legal limit.

Police booked Conway into the Erie County Jail and his vehicle was towed.

Police also charged the woman who had been in Conway’s vehicle at the park for child endangering because she allowed the child to get into the vehicle knowing Conway was intoxicated. Children Protective Services were notified.