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(WJW) – When kids head back to school, a popular trend on social media is garnering a warning from safety experts.

The posts frequently include pictures of the children holding a sign with the child’s name, teacher, age, school, interests and favorite things.

Safety experts at cyber security company Lookout say those updates could be putting you and your child’s personal information at risk. In addition, it could give online predators key information to help them convince your child they are an adult who is trustworthy.

Here are the recommendations:

Limit your audience

Adjust your privacy settings. Create a custom group who can see those back-to-school photos and make sure that group understands your boundaries on sharing that photo from your page. Lookout says data shows 1 in 4 people have their profiles set to public.

Leave out location clues

Make sure your address, your child’s school name or a uniform that might identify what school they go to isn’t in the post.

Don’t tag your child or other children in photos you share

A tag creates a digital trail for people, which would increase the online visibility for your child or other children. Experts also recommend turning off facial recognition.

Don’t share photos of other people’s children without permission

Katie Greer of KL Greer Consulting, a firm that educates schools, law enforcement agencies, large corporations and community organizations about the ins and outs of internet and technology safety, has a general rule of thumb: Your kid is your business. Other kids are their parents’ business.

Avoid creating passwords with personal identifiable information
Lookout recommends combing over your profile to make sure no information you share is in a password, making it easier to guess.