CLEVELAND (WJ)W — Blowing and drifting snow are challenging ODOT trucks out on the roads across Northeast Ohio Monday morning as they work to clear the roads.

Most of the area is now under a winter storm warning. The Ohio Department of Transportation has been out all weekend pre-treating the roads and are continuing to work around the clock.

“Overall, Sunday into Monday there will be just over 290 crews operating in the 17 counties of Northeast Ohio,” said Amanda McFarland, ODOT’s spokesperson. “Those crews continue operating around the clock until the snow stops and we have those roads back up to speed.”

Conditions worsened Monday morning, making for treacherous travel across the area. McFarland told FOX 8’s Stacey Frey the winter storm is making it difficult for trucks to keep up clearing the roads. “Our crews are doing the best they can clearing the lanes from right to left but that doesn’t mean they are clear.
you’re probably going to see the single lane on our interstate routes.”

Across the state, ODOT has 1,000 plows out treating and clearing the roads. They report in some areas roads are improving where the snow has tapered off, but travel remains tuff across Ohio.

It’s not just ODOT who has been preparing for this storm. Marcus Yagour is the president of Perfection Landscapes. They clear snow out of HOA neighborhoods and shopping centers all over — from Painesville to Twinsburg. Yagour says they have been preparing for this storm for a week.

“We have guys that work around the clock making sure equipment is running,” said Yagour. “We have a big service area to monitor with eyes on the ground.”

It has been a low-key winter so far but Yagour says he thinks that’s all about to change. He says his crews are prepared for some long shifts ahead.

“They put in unexpected hours and sometimes they’re gone from their families for 24 hours,” said Yagour. “We have a job to do to keep businesses open and get people in their homes.”

If you’re out on the roads make sure you watch out for the plows.

“Please make sure and give our plows plenty of room to work,” said McFarland. “Already this winter we’ve had seven of our snowplows struck.”

Better yet, if you can, just stay home and watch the snowfall from inside. ODOT said if you don’t have to be on the roads, then don’t be.