ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (WJW) – Emily Morris, 18, only recently moved to Bradenton, Florida with her family after being born and raised in Rocky River.

“Originally, the storm eye was supposed to go right by my house, but it shifted down a little bit,” said Morris.

Morris and her family built a new concrete house there so they decided to ride out the storm.

“The weather got bad Tuesday night, yesterday was heavy rain and heavy wind,” said Morris.

Morris recorded that heavy wind on her cell phone before the power went out. It eventually came back on and stayed on.

However, Thursday morning they assessed the damage.

“There’s a bunch of trees down but there’s not much flooding. That is more south, in Fort Myers and Naples,” said Morris.

In fact, Morris was sent a cell phone video from a friend in Naples that shows the storm surge and flooding.

Just north of Naples, there are reports of flooding as deep as six feet of water in downtown Fort Myers.