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NORTON, Ohio (WJW) — New court documents show the murder suspect in a recent road rage shooting in Summit County is now suspected in another road shooting, and his unusual actions after that shooting have been revealed.

Dacarrei Kinard, 30, was charged with murder Wednesday after investigators said he shot and killed 40-year-old George Jensen II during a road rage incident on Interstate 76 in Summit County on May 17.

Jensen was driving home from his job in Wadsworth at the time of the shooting. Norton Police said they recovered numerous shell casings from that shooting.

In a newly released court affidavit signed by a Barberton Municipal Court Judge May 31, law enforcement linked Kinard in another road shooting in Columbus only a month earlier on April 13.

A police investigators’ report included in the affidavit states: “Norton Police recovered eight shell casings from the I-76 shooting.”

The investigators’ statement then links those shell casings fired from the gun Kinard is suspected of shooting on I-76 with shell casings found after a previous road shooting in Columbus.

“In the Columbus case shots were observed coming from a black Camaro while it traveled on the roadway.” the investigator wrote. “Columbus Police recovered two shell casings which are now confirmed to have been shot from the same weapon used in the May 17 incident.”

Police said Kinard was also driving a black Camaro during the deadly shooting in Summit County and are now using that connection with their investigation into Kinard’s alleged involvement in the Columbus shooting.

Another key element was included in the affidavit regarding Kinard’s actions immediately after the deadly I-76 shooting.

Police say Kinard immediately exited the highway after the shooting, turned around and got back on I-76 going in the opposite direction allowing him to drive past the shooting scene.

Kinard was arrested Wednesday in Columbus where he lives.

Kinard’s next court appearance is expected to be his arraignment on the murder charge.

No court date for that arraignment has been set at this time.