CHESTERLAND, Ohio (WJW) – Chester Township police are investigating a road rage incident that escalated with gunfire in broad daylight.

Police Chief Craig Young says the call came in around 12:15 pm Thursday.

Two drivers had gotten into some sort of road rage incident on I-271 in Cuyahoga County and it continued as they exited onto Mayfield Road and into Chesterland.

“Like you see every day where somebody was cut off or somebody was angry about another driver and culminated with this,” said Chief Young. “It has been determined shots were fired from at least one of the vehicles involved.”

The two vehicles stopped in the parking lot at St. Francis of Assisi on Mayfield Road, but one driver fled and the other stayed to speak with officers.

SkyFox captured video of the silver car with multiple bullet holes in the windshield.

Both drivers have been identified and the incident is under investigation.

The chief says they’re taking the matter very seriously and determining what charges should be filed.

Fortunately, it appears nobody was hurt inside of the vehicles or any of the other innocent drivers on the road at the time.

“Nothing that happens on the roadway should ever get to a level that you want to harm somebody else or, again, people don’t think of the unintended consequences of what they’re doing,” said Chief Young.