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CLEVELAND – Fox 8 found officers working the crowds downtown and going out of their way to help people heading to the Republican National Convention feel safe.

“I love being part of this and interacting with everyone,” said Cleveland Officer Troy White.

Many people visiting downtown have stopped to thank officers and express their appreciation.

“Safest place to be,” said one man, as he walked downtown.

Officers tell us they have been trained not only to offer protection, but to find ways to diffuse heated situations, especially ones that can happen during protests.

Some police administrators were spotted praying with protesters.

Officers on the bike patrol found time Monday to talk to a 13-year-old , who was riding his bike near them showing off his skills.

“He was absolutely amazing,” said Captain Tom Mandzak. “His balance, everything. He was a natural.”

Mandzak said officers noticed that Tyquan Winn’s bike needed some work. So they invited him and his mother to police headquarters Tuesday.

“We actually decided he needed a new bike,” Mandzak said.

So officers teamed up with Volcanic Bikes and Tiger Mountain Tactical to get him a new one.

“We are pretty much stunned,” said Lesley Perry, Tyquan’s mother.

He says this is something he will never forget, and says some day he may join the department’s bike patrol.

Officers said the community has also helped them out this week by donating hundreds of food and beverage items.