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APPLE CREEK, Ohio – What is a horse to do when he just wants to go for a run, but his humans aren’t in their buggy yet?

He goes for that run, humans or not.

That was the dilemma presented to Apple Creek police officers and member of the  Wooster Ohio State Patrol unit when a driverless Amish buggy was seen heading down State Route 250. They managed to get the buggy to stop and from reading the Wooster Police Department’s Facebook post about the incident, it was stopped when one Sergeant Smith jumped right into the buggy!

No one was hurt, but as you can see by the picture, the horse was just plumb tuckered out after his early morning run.

After a little rest, his owners were found and he was reunited with them.

To quote the Wooster police on this one, “Every day bring with it new challenges!”