CLEVELAND (WJW) – More than a dozen bicyclists gathered in Tremont to remember a friend killed in a tragic accident.

“We’re doing our annual Ride for Sylvia which is a day we honor and remember Sylvia Bingham, as well as all cyclists in Cleveland who have been injured or killed while riding their bicycles to work,” Bike Cleveland Executive Director Jacob VanSickle said.

Bingham was struck by a truck and killed while biking to work on Sept. 15, 2009. On the 13th anniversary of her death, the Cleveland biking community is banding together to advocate for change.

“For us it’s a somber day, but it’s also a day that we want to push the community for action,” VanSickle said.

Bike Cleveland reports 29 people were killed while riding bikes in Ohio last year and 155 were seriously hurt. 

“The city recently adopted their Vision Zero action plan which calls for an end to all roadway fatalities and serious injuries by the year 2032,” VanSickle said. “We stand ready to help support that effort through advocacy and education programs.”

The group of bicyclists made their way from Tremont, near where Bingham lived, through downtown to Cleveland State’s campus where she was killed. Flowers were left at her memorial.

“It’s nice to get together with this group even though it is for a sad reason,” Bingham’s close friend Alex Nosse said.

Nosse was close to Bingham, so it’s a tough day for him every year on Sept. 15, but he and the other riders want to make sure people know they can make a difference when it comes to making the roads safer for everyone.

“Getting behind the wheel of a car or a truck is really a responsibility,” Nosse said. “I don’t think it’s always viewed that way in our culture, but it’s an extremely important responsibility to just care for your other human beings that are out there just trying to get around safely. It’s a simple message.”