RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) –  Richmond Heights police say they are using technology and a new law to help keep residents safe.

“We had issues at a lot of our apartment complexes where we were unable to identify perpetrators who commit crimes down there, such as smashing windows, stealing cars,” said Lt. Denise DeBiase.

DeBiase noted that city council recently passed a law providing police a new tool. Now, each of the city’s four apartment complexes must have video surveillance systems at exterior entrances and exits. 

Police also have access to the video cameras 24 hours a day.

“We are able to monitor the cameras at the station,” said Richmond Heights Police Chief Thomas Wetzel.

Wetzel and DeBiase said the video cameras have already helped solve crimes, including a stolen car case and a vandalism report.

“We can catch crime when it is happening and if it’s past, we can go back and see who was there and committed the crime,” DeBiase said.

Many residents told us they feel safer knowing police can monitor the cameras.

Officers say they hope the added cameras will keep criminals away.

“Here’s your warning,” DeBiase said. “If you come here to commit a crime, we will catch you.”