MANSFIELD, Ohio (WJW) – The Richland County Dog Shelter is running low on dry dog food and is looking to the community for help.

The dog shelter was built to comfortably hold anywhere from 45 to 50 dogs. Right now, they have more than 80.

“We do not have enough room to accommodate them. We’ve taken one of our isolation rooms and turned it into a adoption room and yesterday they had to bring out a bank of rolling dog cages because we didn’t have enough space to keep out dogs that were coming out of quarantine,”  Richland County Dog Warden Missy Houghton said.

When you have so many dogs coming into the shelter, the need for food and people to adopt them is critical.

What would normally be more than a month supply of dog food last now only about two weeks or less.

Houghton just recently put out the plea and the community so far has responded, but with all the dogs on hand, this won’t be enough.

Still, more and more people are stepping up to the plate. Fred Antrican heard about the shelters and brought over as much dog food as his pickup could carry to help out.

“I love animals, so it is what it is,”  Antrican said. “It’s all Purina. The vet always told me you can’t go wrong with Purina.”

In addition to food, the warden says they can always use things like towels, blankets and laundry supplies. It also just needs volunteers.

She says all shelters right now are seeing an increase in dogs and anything the community can do to help will go along way to getting these animals new homes.

If you would like more information about how you can donate or help out the Richland County Dog Warden, go here.